I thought I might be able to find Neil Young’s “Helpless” from The Last Waltz on YouTube, but it doesn’t appear to be there, so here’s another video version of the song from a 1974 tour. The richness that The Band provided is clearly missing, but it’s still a terrific version of the song.

Other YouTube highlights:

– Stan Jonathan bloodying up some dude from the Montreal Canadiens in a :36 second clip from a late ’70s Bruins game at the Garden. This really brings me back. I totally miss Fred Cusick, the old Bruins play-by-play guy. The current play-by-play guy is Dale Arnold and he’s just a complete dweeb. I feel like at any juncture of the game Arnold will turn into that “Rain Man” guy played by Dustin Hoffman a while back and start repeadtedly saying “I’m a very good driver” or something.

– Speaking of The Last Waltz, YouTube does have the second-best performance of the night, Van Morrison’s leg kicking, contorting version of “Caravan,” in which his voice has the authority of an atomic bomb and The Band feeds off his energy to provide a concert film highlight for the ages. Take a 4 minute break from work and turn up the volume. Seriously. Your day will be better because of it.

– Mark this name down: The Whigs. I typically don’t make a habit of predicting really big things for bands because usually when I predict such things it almost never happens. Sidenote, though: I will and always will lay claim to predicting big things for Pearl Jam when I saw them with about 50 other people at Peabody’s Down Under in Cleveland, OH before they really hit it big – I still have the ticket stub. Anyway, I just have a feeling about The Whigs. This young group hail from Athens, GA and have released “Give “Em All A Big Fat Lip,” which may be one of the best debut albums I have heard in some years. As usual, what gets me is the distinct voice. If you’d be interested in a band that splits R.E.M. and The Replacements down the middle, you’ll like these guys. A lot. YouTube actually has a video someone grabbed from a live show, but I almost hesitate to link to it because the recording isn’t that great. You’ve just got to trust me, this album is a full-sounding, killer set of songs with great singing and lyrics that will play very well to the music snobs and the mainstreamers. I really don’t think it can miss. You can get some much-better sounding samples at the website as well. Right now, they are my obsession.