From the moment Jeff started working at Laddawn, our digital marketing took shape. He consistently had new and creative ideas to improve the e-commerce side of our business, but as a hands on guy, he could also make those ideas a reality. He made things happen thanks to a proactive and tireless work ethic paired with a deep knowledge of his craft. Jeff built our blog and customer resource center from scratch, revamped our social media presence, leveraged google analytics to better measure campaigns and championed an email strategy that has allowed us to connect with and further engage our customers. Above all, he earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues by always being a willing and enthusiastic collaborator. He worked on every project with an eye towards enabling our sales and customer service teams to reach their goals or to directly influence our customers experience for the better. Jeff has been one of my most important professional influences and I am lucky to have had the chance to work with him.

Jeff Bercume

Integrated Marketing Manager, Laddawn

In his role as VP of Marketing & E-Commerce, Jeff possessed tireless dedication, incredible creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, admirable leadership and most importantly, was the most instrumental and most involved employee at the company with respect to the 25-30% year-over-year growth we experienced with our online business. His digital marketing acumen and social media initiatives were game-changers for us and allowed us to stand out clearly and very distinctly amongst our larger online competitors. He changed the perception of our company from a small, local business to a polished, well-presented and national company.

David Nectow

President & CEO, Pure Hockey

He’s an extremely intelligent marketer who really sees the big picture. From social to email, to digital and retail and all things in between, his brilliant ideas and clever marketing tactics resonated throughout the team and delivered real results. As my boss, you couldn’t ask for anyone better. Jeff’s door was always open, and his positive attitude and upbeat personality was infectious.

Mark Marino

Web Operations Manager, Pure Hockey

Jeff was excellent at always looking forward, trying to see where the business would be in the future and how we could get ahead of our competitors. He constantly thinks about not just what the customers want today, but what they will want tomorrow and how to be the first company to deliver it. His drive to do something different from the competition and from what had always been done led to some really cool, innovative and extremely well-received projects. His door was always open for ideas from anyone on his team and he had no issue getting on the front lines and doing the dirty work with us. He earned the respect of his staff by working closely with us on projects, but doing so as an equal, coming across as a teammate more than a boss.

Kyle Stevenson

Hockey Content & Training Lead, Pure Hockey

Jeff is exceptionally creative but also understands how to communicate with a creative team. His vision goes far beyond the artistic side of producing a commercial. He is constantly thinking about how the commercial will work within a larger campaign. How it ties into radio, print, web, etc. In my business, the relationship with the marketing team is key to a successful production and Jeff is one of the best at developing and maintaining good working relationships with creative types like me and my partners at BC Media Productions.

Ben Consoli

Owner, Videographer & Editor, BC Media Productions

Jeff is a strong dealmaker and true out-of-the-box thinker. He brings strategic creativity to the landscape of potential partnerships.He was a joy to manage and work with. Above all, he possesses a very sound integrity that informs his dealmaking every day.

Johnson Garrett

SVP Business Development, Diligent Corporation

His creativity led Pure Hockey from the dark ages of media into the present day and did so with some remarkably memorable campaigns that not only boosted brand awareness, but drove customer engagement as well. His ability to maintain a driving vision for big picture objectives while still remaining open to employees and without overlooking day-to-day minutia is hard to come by. Jeff sets the bar high with his work ethic and attitude and is truly a pleasure to work for. His door was always open to observations and suggestions that were never taken for granted. The resulting culture fostered creativity and empowered his employees to think outside the box and get the job done.

Jeff Frechette

Marketing & E-Commerce Administrator, Pure Hockey

Jeff is a tremendous Marketing individual who clearly knows how to drive increased results through various marketing initiatives. We partnered together to increase engagement, retention and increase sales of his Pure Hockey customers. He was the catalyst to significantly boost sales for his brand. In the last year we worked together, Jeff’s marketing efforts drove a YOY increase of double digits, with an outstanding increase of 40% in online sales. A pleasure to work with and always treated us as a partner instead of a vendor.

Andy Sala

Director, Customer Success, Capillary Technologies

Jeff and I worked together for 5+ years at He was an absolute pleasure to work with and a key contributor within the division and company. His intelligence, motivation and positive attitude always ensured the highest level of results. Based on Jeff’s proven track record, I highly recommend him to any organization seeking a high impact deal maker.

Chris Damsen

SVP Business Development, Traacker

Jeff Copetas was my first superior in the corporate world and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Jeff welcomed me from the first day I met him. Throughout my time with him at Pure Hockey he always allowed me to speak my mind and let me share my ideas and really listened. He gave me the freedom to grow as a designer and push the limits on what I can do. Jeff was always on top of marketing campaigns and striving to excel our online business. Even when things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to, I’ve never seen Jeff stressed out or under pressure. He is very professional and always has a great attitude towards work that he is passionate about. He’s a guy I could always go to for any advice and he always had my back.

Jeff Ryan

Graphic Designer, Pure Hockey

Jeff was in charge of marketing (among other things) for our new store in Northern New Jersey, certainly not a familiar market for our company. Jeff developed a marketing plan that helped us shatter sales expectations, and helped pave the way toward future growth within our company. In my experience, it is uncommon to find someone who can provide so many tangible results in such a short amount of time, however that is exactly what Jeff did during the time we worked together at Pure Hockey. I was always impressed with the way Jeff made time for others, including his subordinates such as myself. While balancing many projects, and fulfilling various responsibilities, he somehow would always have time for me. I learned a lot from Jeff, and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

Joe Carlino

Store Manager, Fairfield, NJ, Pure Hockey