You know that feeling when a TV show you’re watching gets interrupted for a Special Report? I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a news organization cut into a show, I always think the president has been shot. I have no idea why I make this association, but I do. Special report = president dead. They get me every single time.

So when I was watching TV last night and they interrupted programming to break the news that Robert Plant, Sarah Jessica Parker and Dee Snider from Twisted Sister were all actually the same person, it was almost as shocking as the assassination of a world leader. Who would have thought that the author of “The Lemon Song” and “I Wanna Rock” would be the same person whose role on the old ’80s sitcom “Valley Girls” made us all laugh and cry week in and week out (for like 2 months)? Stunning, really. Stunning. Sarah Jessica Planter? Jessica Dee Snider? Robert Slant? Sarah Dee Parker? I dunno. The opportunities are endless.

Song now playing: “We’re Not Gonna Take The Stairway To Heaven”