A pretty good read in this morning’s Boston Globe about politics, blogs and how the blogosphere runs the risk of a little mud on the face by the time the 2008 elections wrap up. One can assume that a lot of people out there aren’t aware of the fact that PR agencies create fake bloggers and fake commenters to try and influence opinions. Simply looking at a blog and its comments and then taking it all as full truth is dramatic naivete. Much like the offline world, hucksterism will never be lacking on Earth. As usual, caveat emptor.

Another interesting blog-related story from this morning details the recent writings of Paul Levy, who runs the very large and busy Beth Isreal hospital in Boston. The story is about the infection rates from IV insertion, but I’m posting this because it’s actually refreshing to see someone in a high seat at a hospital writing a blog. If you’ve visited a hospital in the last 5 years, I’m sure you know that the complexities are mind-numbing and the communication is horrific. I’ve never felt differently, no matter what hospital I’m in. I’ll be subscribing to Levy’s blog in my Bloglines.

Palace – The Brute Choir
Ringo Starr – Photograph
Mark Lanegan – Borracho
Palace – We All, Us Three, Will Ride
Healthy White Baby – Soul
The Byrds – What’s Happening?!
Pavement – Two States
The Pernice Brothers – Baby In Two
AC/DC – Problem Child
Ben Kweller – Penny On The Train Track