I’m driving around earlier tonight running errands and after I get home we realized that we didn’t enough food for the babies tomorrow. You ALWAYS realize these things afterwards. So back out I go and I turn on NPR’s “On Point.” They’re running an interview with a fella by the name of Josh Ozersky, an author who recently wrote a book about the history of the hamburger. Interesting enough. Ozersky contends that the hamburger’s origin is out in Kansas. Many others (including a couple of New Englanders) claim it as well, but Ozersky comes off as self-proclaimed expert. He says a hamburger isn’t a hamburger unless it only has the core elements: beef, ketchup, cheese, etc. Anything else, he says, and it’s not a hamburger. I must disagree. During the summer’s, Steph and I grill hamburgers, on average, once every two weeks. We typically add lettuce, tomato and avocado and I pile on the ketchup and mustard. According to Ozersky, this isn’t a hamburger. According to me, it is. He also says, not verbatim, that things like veggie burgers and turkey burgers are insults to the word “burger.” Now that I would tend to agree with, but then again, it’s not hard to agree with that. It’s not beef. How do you dress your burgers?

OK, so last week after our hockey game we were just sitting around like we usually do and our goalie told me to go to YouTube and search for the query “salad fingers”. So I did and after watching the first one, was 75% creeped out and 25% jealous that I didn’t come up with it myself. I don’t think I’m warped enough to come up with it, though. Anyway, it’s very hard to describe something that you think is both brilliant, yet incredibly…….unsettling. There are moments when I’m laughing and then – literally – five seconds later I’m feeling something in the pit of my stomach that almost equates itself to nausea and guilt for even enjoying it. But I do. Like a wreck on the highway, I just couldn’t help watching all eight bizarre episodes. I think it’s genius. And funny. And horrifying. Here’s episode 2, it’s safe for work, but probably not your psyche.