So ten years ago, this is what I was playing on my radio show at Kent State, on a Saturday morning at 6am……

WKSR playlist – Saturday, April 25, 1993:

Fishbone – “Sunless Saturday”

Lou Reed – “Heroin”

Pearl Jam – “Dirty Frank”

Faith No More – “We Care A Lot”

Henry Rollins – “Low Self-Opinion”

Book of Love – “Alice Everyday”

Temple of The Dog – “Pushin’ Forward Back”

Mother Love Bone – “Holy Roller”

Opus – “Live is Life”

Cracker – “Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now)”

REM – “Driver 8”

King’s X – “The World Around Me”

King’s X – “Prisioner”

Graham Parker – “Get Started, Start A Fire” (great song!)

Dramarama – “Train Going Backwards”

Sugarcubes – “Motorcycle Mama”

Screaming Trees – “Shadow Of The Season”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “John Finn’s Wife”

Song now playing: Jello Biafra – “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”