To add to yesterday’s post, here’s the new Rilo Kiley song, called “The Moneymaker.” The porn angle is interesting. The song is really cool.

My friend Dan turned me onto Simplify Media earlier this week. Here’s yet another invaluable internet application for people who even remotely like music. It’s pretty, um, simple: you install it on your computer and it integrates directly into your ITunes in the main left-side navigation menu (where all your playlists, library, etc are). Then you connect with friends and you have the ability to explore their ITunes as well and listen to anything in their library via stream. It is excellent! I was able to just access Dan’s ITunes and put it on shuffle for the whole afternoon. Screenshot here.

Anyway, email me if you download it and want to share ITunes libraries. I’ve got 7,400 songs or so waiting for you. This is what the internet is all about. Use the contact link on the right side of this page to drop me a line (or email me if you know my address). I would put my email here, but I’m deathly afraid of getting spammed all to hell.