Random thoughts:

– The Cars are probably the best band to ever come out of Boston.

– The Latin music craze is over.

– The war accomplished very little.

– As long as you can get free downloads, pay-for-music-online services will never work.

– American Idol jumped the shark when Frenchie got tossed.

– Ronnie James Dio’s tenure in Black Sabbath wasn’t horrible.

– The older I get, the better Simon & Garfunkel sound.

– A freshman in high school this upcoming fall was born in 1990. Shit.

– Gum drops and Fig Newtons are quite possible the best snack foods ever invented.

– I wouldn’t mind living in a city like Cleveland.

– There’s a new Sloan album coming out soon. Clear the way for the best rock band of the last few years.

– The Mamas and the Papas were very underrated.

– AOL is in big, big trouble.

– Whatever happened to all the fuss about acid rain a few years ago?

Song now playing: Golden Smog – “Walk Where He Walked”