The people of Seattle, Washington ought to be ashamed of themselves. They’ve voted down a measley .10 cent tax on coffee products, the extra revenue would have been directed at pre-school and early education programs. Are you serious, Seattle? You’re not willing to pay an extra dime for coffee? My favorite quote is this one:

“But Jeff Babcock, owner of Zoka Coffee and Roasters, who led the protests, said: ‘It’s not a luxury item as far as the culture here is concerned. It’s a cold, wet, damp environment. Coffee’s big and everyone loves their lattes.'”

This guy led the protests? This quote makes him sound like he’s dumber than a box of rocks. What he’s saying is that since it’s cold there, people shouldn’t have to pay the extra ten cents because coffee is a central functionality of the human body, made to ward off the evil cold weather? Give me a flippin’ break.

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