I LOVE when rental car companies don’t have the car you reserved, because you always get a free upgrade. Sometimes you can get a free upgrade just by asking, but there’s something so delicious about getting it without asking for it. I landed in San Francisco about an hour-and-a-half ago and between the time change last night and the three hour difference here, I’m all fuqued up. It’s 11:22pm and I’m waiting for room service to deliver me a salad. Note to self: no need to fly United again after this trip. Leg room is awful, even the aisle feels cramped to walk down. Ugh.

Anyway, I ended up sitting in a new Audi A6 and before I even put it into drive, I’m feeling like I’m sitting in a airplane cockpit. So many lights, switches, toggle thingies and nice lights. I’m such a sucker for car interiors and this one is insane! There’s this little knob to control everything in the car on a small computer screen. I almost drove off the road like seven times on my way from the airport to the hotel. Anyway, I put that sucker into drive, hopped on the 101 and felt like a million bucks. Even a little press on the gas and you feel like the moon will race by your window. I haven’t looked at the price yet, but I want one! Whooooo!

UPDATE: Whoa. I’m not getting one. They range between $42-56K! How did I go from renting Pontiac Grand Am or whatever to THIS thing?