So last night I did something that I rarely do – I went to bed early. Normally, I get horizontal sometime between midnight and 1am, like clockwork. Last night, I decided at 9:30pm that it was time. Knowing full well that I wouldn’t fall asleep right away and that I was two issues behind on my Wired magazine subscription, I lugged the May issue up with me to set the table for what I hoped was an early bedtime.

As far as magazines go, Wired is pretty hit and miss. Some issues are packed with really good pieces, other issues go just beyond the level of dorkiness I’m comfortable with. This particular issue was one of the good ones. Specifically, one story about six people who were in the U.S. Embassy when Iran took the Americans hostage in November, 1979. They were some of the very few who escaped and how they escaped is one of the most fascinating tales I’ve read for some time. This is well worth your time, trust me.

I’ve mentioned here a hundred or so times how much I dislike basketball, but it’s worth mentioning that perhaps the Celtics really are cursed. Story here.

It’s been a while since I posted a song here, so let’s do that. Gomez is one of those bands that sort of non-plussed me with their records. They certainly have some very bright moments, particularly from their 1998 long player “Bring It On,” but I always hear people saying things like “you just have to see them live. Then you’ll get it.” So when I saw that EMusic made one of their live shows from Melbourne, Australia available, I took a spin through the sample and downloaded a couple of songs. I know I’m not seeing them live, but now I get a sense of how good these guys can be. Check out “Fill My Cup” by clicking on the play button below.