Quick poll:

a) After getting a haircut, do you tend to race home and take a shower to prevent the little discarded hairs from making your neck itch like crazy?

b) upon buying a shirt, do you immeadiately try to rip the permanent tag off with your hands or, as a more patient person would do, calmly remove the tag using scissors or a similar instrument? I’m not talking about the price tags, I mean the tag that’s sewn into the shirt, most often located on the back of the neck. Either way – the question is the same. Do tags from shirts irritate the back of your neck?

Or is it just me? I’ve put several holes into t-shirts by attempting to rip them off with my hands.

I’ve known from watching interviews with Tom Cruise over the past couple of years that the crazy-meter was starting to get near the red. Upon watching a repeat of the MTV Movie Awards last night, though, we can welcome a new addition. Katie Holmes introduced Tom Cruise and presented him with some kind of lifetime bullshit award and as she was introducing him, she did some kind of mystifying body contortion. It was one part yoga, one part ballet and ten parts insane. She’s now gone from cute teen star to riding sidecar on the motorcycle to cuckoo-land. Sad.

However, Rachel McAdams is my new celeb crush!