My new obsession is the amount of miles on my car. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s because I now have a digital readout instead of the usual, boring, plastic rotating numbers. I don’t know. I latch onto stuff sometimes and then I can’t shake it. I still drink a smoothie with soy protein powder every morning. I still play High Heat Baseball. And now I am constantly computing my daily average miles. Have I lost it? This is clearly not an important factor in anyone’s life, I hope. Unless you’re leasing, which I am not. Anyway, I am currently averaging 51.9 miles per day on the car. About 44 of those can be attributed to work. But I’d love to have a summary of the other 7.9 miles, presented to me in pie chart fashion, just like Quicken – another thing which I’ve been doing religiously for 4 years now. I can tell you, off the top of my head, how much I spend per month on gasoline, utilities, and I can tell you what percentage of my spending goes to rent. Someone please hit me with a shovel.

Speaking of stats, wouldn’t it be absolutly incredible if you actually had access to all of your bodily function stats? Like how many times you breathe per day? Or how many times you’ve peed so far in your life? I think this would be fascinating. You log on to a website and just get all of your bodily statistics. I have completely lost my mind.

I know I mentioned before that there’s a whole slew of albums and bands that I would never have in my collection, but sound just awesome on the radio. I heard Foreigner’s “Double Vision” on the radio during my trip to work this morning, and they make the list for sure. “Dirty White Boy” is another great Foreigner song. Bad Company also makes the list – “Shooting Star” and “Fell Like Makin’ Love” will never, ever be found in my record collection, but they’re great songs to crank up on the radio. The best one, though? “More Than A Feeling,” by Boston. Note: I am actually not a huge fan of classic rock. Most of my collection, in fact, is music from the 80s until the present. But every now and then, and good classic rock song can rock the hizzy. And shit.