They Turn Your Camera On

They Turn Your Camera On

As I continue summing up some of my favorite music of the decade, what can I say about Spoon that hasn’t been said already? There really isn’t anyone today that sounds like them. I really appreciate that. When you hear Spoon, you know it’s Spoon. Whether it’s Britt Daniel’s semi-robotic vocals and tat-tat-tat singing or Jim Eno’s enormous, rhythmic drumming, there’s just not another band that can mirror this Austin, TX-based foursome.

And the songs! The songs! Like a heavyweight fighter, Spoon will jab you senseless in the ribs with memorable lyrics. They’ll deliver quick tickles to your ears with catchy indie pop. And then they’ll knock your ass out with beats! I really do believe there isn’t another band like them and there’s so many good songs to choose from. Damn. What a band. I don’t remember how I got introduced, but I think it might have been my friend Brian Coleman. So props if it was you, BK. If it wasn’t, then props to whoever did it, because my love for Spoon spanned the decade. That’s hard to do!

I’ll offer these songs up as a couple of my favorites (FACEBOOK PEOPLE click here to listen):

The Fitted Shirt (from 2001’s “Girls Can Tell”) —–> [audio:fitted.mp3]

I Summon You (from 2005’s “Gimme Fiction”) —–> [audio:summon.mp3]

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