A couple of quick music notes:

I’ve been an on-again, off-again fan of Nick Cave & Bad Seeds since 1993’s “Live Seeds.” It’s rare that a live album would lead me to someone’s recorded work, but in this case I was so transfixed by the gothic lyrics and the personality of the songwriting that I had to check out the man’s studio work. I saw him live at Boston’s Roxy sometime in the ’96-97 timeframe and it was a tremendous show. The last couple of albums he’s done have left me a little cold, but if his newest song is any indication, I might be back on the bandwagon. That link is to the video, by the way, which is rather amusing and very……Nick Cave-ish. The song is called “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!” I love the guy’s personality (and moustache, too). Check it out.

I am also very very excited for the new Kelley Stoltz album coming out in February on Sub Pop. Here’s a guy who’s flown WAY under the radar for the last couple of years. He could be described as Beatle-esque, but that would probably be pigeonholing him a little too much. When I hear Stoltz, I hear a talented guy who likes to fiddle with all kinds of various noises, yet wraps it all up and makes it extremely tuneful. His newest song is below – his fabulous output continues: