I’ve gotten some emails and comments about the Tim Russert point I made yesterday. Let me just say again – I loved watching the guy for his gusto and from everything I’ve read and seen, he was as solid a human being as you can ask – devoted to his family, steadfast in his job, the whole nine yards. But I’m still not convinced that all the news organizations need to keep on it like this. I am convinced that they’re doing it for ratings now, though. Perhaps this is a terribly pessimistic or cynical thing to be saying, but often times when I cruise through the news channels, they’re just trying to create a beehive out of a speck of honey.  So when some actually happens, it’s a gift. Because there’s real content to cover.

This doesn’t mean I criticize those who gladly take it all in. We all choose to deal with stuff in our own ways and that’s totally fine.  I’ll readily admit to finally buying all of Warren Zevon’s albums after he died. I mean, that’s no different, really. My aunt commented:

What I have taken away from these programs is that while I always liked Russert and enjoyed his knowledge and easy way of pointing out the inner workings of this crazy thing we call politics…I have learned what a truly great guy he was and a great friend and a great boss to work for. So, I watch and I’ll watch more and for those who don’t want to watch – they can get out by using that wonderful tool called a “Clicker.”

Right on! The Gene Simmons approach, to which I subscribe to almost every time. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. I watched some on Friday and then that was it. I’m just trying to grasp why a  journalist (and a good one) has gotten SO much attention? Is it really because of the adoration or is it because the modern day news has to beat everything to death? Bad choice of words there, but you get the point.

Today,  this article popped up in my RSS reader and I don’t think I could have said it much better. My favorite passage:

They loved him. They admired him….. He raised the bar for all journalists. He was thoughtful. He was kind. Of the highest integrity. Generous. Loyal. And so on. Just because it’s true doesn’t make it news.

Again, right on!

By the way, I never knew that Gene Simmons real name was Chaim Witz. No lie!