My sixth grade notebook continues to provide so much entertainment for me. It also gives me some easy blog posts. I can only assume the chart below came out of science class, when we were learning about astronomy. The moon, the stars and the planets never really interested me much in school. That pretty much remains true today, although I do love when the moon looks so big that it seems like you could reach out and touch it. That’s cool.

So the assumption here is that our science teacher (that would be Mrs. Garber for you locals, right?) taught us how to convert weight on Earth to weight on the moon and then asked us to write down a few people’s weights. Good times! So what ran through my mind, you ask? Well, see below.

(picture of Jeff's sixth grade notes for weights on the moon)

Not surprising, really – family, pro wrestlers and girls. I can’t help but laugh at that one. And I’m sure you always wanted to know Andre The Giant and King Kong Bundy’s moon weight, didn’t you? Of course you did. Interesting sidenote here: I’m not sure where the “random musings” line came from here, but it’s notable because I use that very phrase as a subject header for blog posts occasionally. Innaresting…..

FOLLOW UP: Today, being a little heavier than I was in 6th grade, my moon weight is 27.2 lbs. I found this through yet another cool tool.