I’m often careful not to immerse myself too deeply in politics. I sometimes believe that whoever is in office doesn’t really matter. Our current president, however, has me changing my opinion about such things. I skew toward being a Democrat, but by-and-large, I’m often simply a neutral and amused onlooker when it comes to politics and campaigns. A heavyweight boxing title fight is more on the up-and-up than a political campaign. So it was with a hint of my own standoffish-ness when my friend Clay mentioned this guy Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont. Always one to brush it off when people try to push politicians on me, I dismissed it, knowing that there’s a long way to go until I really have to make any decisions.

The eye opener, though, came when Clay forwarded me Howard Dean’s speech to the California State Democratic Convention (please, please read it), which, from what I’ve read, is still being talked about as one of the more passioniate and moving speeches by a politician in recent memory. I wish I had seen it instead of just reading it, but I’m on board 100%. I’m not ready yet for the Dean Meetups, but I’ve already decided that Dean is going to win. Maybe. I mean, I thought Frenchie would win American Idol, right? She would have if she hadn’t posed topless for some two-bit magazine. Which supports my prediction: as long as Dean doesn’t pose topless, he’s a winner.

Finally, just imagine one of those overly, annoyingly cheerful waitresses at Applebees saying to you: “Uh, would you like our “special surprise salad?! I’m so happy and annoying!”

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