I only saw about a half-hour of the Grammy’s last night, but apparantly I tuned in at the right time, as I saw most of what was being discussed on the radio and TV this morning. A summary of what I saw and my thoughts:

– Celine Dion. Now here’s a lady who takes herself too seriously. I can’t even begin explain the level of hatred I have for her music. Maybe she’s the nicest lady on Earth (I doubt it) but her music is simply torture. So I had the remote cocked and ready when I saw her getting ready to sing, but lo and behold, we have technical problems! She’s singing, but there’s no sound! Hooray! This was turning into the best performance of the night, until some dude came from backstage and handed her a live microphone. Nonetheless, I grinned the whole time, knowing that some poor soul was going to get his ass handed to him afterwards, despite her trying to smile and stay on track. Even though you could hear her sing, there were still clear audio problems, so much so that she just took the earpiece out of her ear. Ha ha ha ha! I loved it.

– Justin Timberlake & CBS: both spineless. Utterly, completely spineless. CBS is spineless for inviting Timberlake but un-inviting Janet Jackson. Timberlake is spineless for accomodating CBS in their demand to apologize for the “incident” at the Super Bowl. Give me a break, please! The whole thing is so overblown. All I’ve been hearing all week are people yammering about how much better our morals and values were in the ’50s and ’60s. Screw that. I’d rather live in today’s world where an occasional breast pops out on TV than a world where blacks couldn’t use the same bathroom or drink from the same water fountain. I’d rather live in today’s world where women can get jobs and excel at them than a world where women were viewed as nothing other than a housewife. Really. Don’t tell me our morals and values were better back then, that’s a steaming turd of a statement.

– Christina Aguilera. My goodness. I’m speechless about this girl. It’s so obvious that she has great singing talent. I’m not into her music much, but I can respect that she can sing songs and sing them well (maybe she should write some, though). But what’s up with the chameleon act, lady? What’s up with that embarassing hair? What’s up with that dress? Holy crap, that dress……she needs to get her real hair back, wear some normal clothes and sing her ass off. Then she’ll finally get all the respect that she’s trying so hard to get.

– Why was Sting wearing a dress with bobby socks? That guy hasn’t made a good song since 1983.

– Watching Beyonce was painful. I don’t get it. “Crazy In Love” is a good song, but what the hell was up with that huge production on that horrific song. I don’t even know what it was called, all I know is that she kept on yelping “I love you” over and over again and at one point I think I may have run outside the house and screamed as loud as I could. I mean, I’d rather jump into a pool filled with pure rubbing alcohol with small cuts all over my body than have to listen to that song one more time. Horrific. It wasn’t until this morning at the gym that I saw she did a duet of “Purple Rain” at the beginning of the show with Prince. She totally ruined it. They should have just let Prince sing the whole thing.

Song now playing: Nick Drake – “Rider on the Wheel”