I love that The Onion went out and asked a bunch of celebrities “if you could send one message to the children of the world, what would it be”? Some of their answers are priceless, particularly Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond and Trey Parker, one of the architects of South Park. Good stuff.

Ebay took a 25% stake in Craigslist. There’s rumors of Monster.com being acquired by Google. Something tells me that the next year is going to be even crazier in the internet space than the last twelve months were. I mean, look no further than the search engine belt buckle, right? Thing is, I’m not sure if this is real and the fact that it wouldn’t surprise me if it were real makes me feel like I need to shut down the ‘ol laptop and go on vacation for a month. Or twelve.

Listen, everybody needs 30 pounds of scissors, right? Of course they do. Of course.

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