I have very little to offer today from a personal level, so let me offer you these stories as solace. After all, that’s what blogging is all about:

– One must appreciate an up-front and honest politician. I mean, this guy is doing the same type stuff every politician does in secret (buys votes), but he’s bringing it right to the people and hitting them in their favorite place. I like that.

– Interesting story here about uncontrollable vegetation near the San Francisco airport. The story itself isn’t anything crazy, but the fact that there’s a company called Goats-R-Us makes me giggle a little bit.

– Wait, you can still do this if you’re in a coma? I had no idea….

One final point to make: I’m happy to see bands like The Strokes and The White Stripes making some noise and some money in the mainstream rock world. While I’m not particularly enamored with either one of the those bands, it’s a bit refreshing to see some honest music make it to the airwaves. But damn, how quick can the rip-off bands proliferate? Suddenly we’ve got dozens and dozens of these lookalike, soundalike bands and now I can’t tell the different between any of them. Which leads me to this question: is this little fad no better than a boy-band or pretty-girl-who-lip-synchs fad? The saturation we’re seeing already indicates it’s certainly possible. Oh well. I can’t say I honestly care either way. Just an observation.

Song now playing: The Rolling Stones – “The Spider and the Fly”