My parents got a new dog last summer (cockapoo) and he’s a very cute and friendly little guy they named Murphy.  This weekend when we were visiting them the conversation turned to his hair, which my mother claimed was non-allergenic and then she added that “he doesn’t have fur, he has hair.” Honestly, I never knew that dogs could have hair. But facts is facts. The dog has hair. I guess I always thought that if you were a dog, you had fur. Of course, the conversation turned to the ridiculous when I made claims that Murphy actually just had a layer of cotton taped to his body. Steph than added that maybe it was synthetic turf. We all laughed about it when we were having the discussion, but in the end it’s true, the dog, because he is part poodle, has hair. For more on the hair vs. fur debate, you can read here, if you really have some time.  By the way, according to Wikipedia, Cockapoo’s are usually called spoodles in Australia. So that is what I will call Murphy. A spoodle.

In other news, it turns out that The Boston Globe may shut it doors sooner than I thought. This story lays it all out, but no matter what the result of the meetings, the paper is doomed. Whatever changes occur as a result of this NYT edict will leave the Globe a mere skeleton of its former self. At worst, it’ll shut down and at best it becomes even more of an Associated Press extension than it already is. All you local columnists better start thinking about your futures.