Today is one of those rare days that I got to do a full read-through of the Sunday Boston Globe. AND post here on the blog. That is for one single reason – I am on a plane. More on that in a second.When I used to read the Sunday Globe, it was literally all about starting on page 1 and poring through, page-by-page, until the end. In addition to any stories that interested me, there were always certain parts I read every single week:

  1. Starts & Stops was their weekly missive on traffic and the MBTA/Subway system in Boston.
  2. Around the Region – little tidbits on stories happening in New England
  3. Today in History – I’m a buff
  4. Weather page – see #3
  5. Opinion &  letters
  6. Weekly notes for hockey and baseball in the sports section
  7. Automotive section, mostly reviews on new cars
  8. ALL the Q&A’s: handyman, auto, etc
  9. The Ideas page

The Ideas section was invented by the Globe a couple of years ago and quickly elevated its way into one of my favorite sections. Every week I learned something. I hope I can pass on to my kids my desire to learn something every week via news and features. It will be harder when the Globe doesn’t print a paper anymore (coming soon, see post earlier this week), but I’m going to have to figure out a way to do it.

Regardless, today’s Ideas section had a very interesting piece about being bipartisan. It takes a devil’s advocate position to the trend  and makes you think about how important or not important being bipartisan is. My take is that it’s probably a little overheated and given too much creedence. Notto mention it’s truly only a hot-button topic once every four years anyway. However, in times like these I do believe coming together does play a more important role, this time as we determine what America 3.0 will look like. I do believe this is a hugely transitional time in our history. Anyway, back on topic: The Globe does cite some very very interesting positive historical events in our nation’s history that wouldn’t have happened without bitter partisanship. For example, the Democrats were staunchly against abolishing slavery. How about that?

Then there was this piece, about hard-core sports fan. A little less on the serious side, but fun to think about. Me, I’m somewhere in between fairweather and hard-core, if that’s even possible.

On another note, this is the first blog post I’ve ever written (and posted) while riding an airplane. Virgin America offers Wi-Fi for $12.99. So in between formulating term sheets, emailing co-workers and editing contracts for work, I get to blog and watch last week’s 30 Rock. Nice! The purple mood lighting and cabin is a little schlocky, but hey, dare to be different, right? The food is most definitely a step up from any airline out there. The satellite TV is not working, so I can’t say anything about that. Seats are comfortable. Legroom is coach is pretty standard. Turbulence over the Rocky Mountains SUCKS.

Can’t wait to get home.