Hey Dave, is he gone? OK… Leo here… A friend of mine thinks blogging is just so narcissistic. I love it already.

People in New England have entered the realm of the insane today. Gearing up to watch the Patriots burn Pittsburg* on their march to the marvelous basin, you say? Of course I mean the “big game.” The actual game name is trademarked and the NFL employs herds of lawyers year-round to slap lawsuits on anyone using the term without paying to do so. With Jeff dropping so much money on his honeymoon, I sure don’t want him coming back owing someone money. Anyway, no, it’s not over the game. You see, there’s snow in the forecast and people behave like a new ice age is descending upon us. I just returned from the grocery store and I have never seen it so mobbed. I did manage to catch up on some celebrity news while in line. Brad and Jen on the cover of “Us” with a very sad picture taken, “hours before the breakup.” Sure, people make fun about Hollywood couples and their fleeting pairings, but isn’t it still sad? All the money and fame in the word doesn’t diminish the pain of a broken relationship. Wait. How the hell do I know? Maybe it does.

On that note, lets move on to the world of online dating, an area Jeff and Dave refuse to cover. Here’s a picture of a 40-ish woman from an online dating site.

She looks pretty good, right? Did she not notice anything else in the picture besides herself? I emailed to ask, but she hasn’t responded.

Yesterday was a “use it or lose it” vacation day and a trip to Harvard Square and the Fogg Art Museum. It was about 2 degrees with a bitter, cutting wind, so the walk through Harvard Yard was, uh, refreshing. Once in the museum though, the Maurice Wertheim Collection was a highlight. It includes Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art, including works by Degas, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Gauguin, Renoir, Cézanne, and my favorite of the Impressionists, Camille Pissarro. My “art buzz” was wrecked when I descended into the subway to see a homeless man asleep on a bench (See weather conditions above…). Then once in the train, another homeless man was talking to himself for the entire trip. I did, however, heed what the man kept repeating: “Six to twelve coming. Better get ready.” Over to you, Dave.

* NE 24 Pitt 6 (13 at the most…)