MVP 2007
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Last year I wrote about how EASports couldn’t make an MLB baseball video game for the PC because exclusive rights were signed with another company. So in lieu of MVP 2006, modders and coders dove into the 2005 version of the game and updated it themselves, with no help from any professional organization. It was ALL community based – 15-20 different people chipped in with designs, audio files, bats, balls…the works. And it was spectacular!

Well, they’ve done it again. Building off of the core of the ’05 game again AND the community-built 06 game, the 2007 version is totally sweet! And really hard to play, which I love.

Some cool minor features were added to make it all even more lifelike:

  • All four levels of baseball are represented with actual players, from MLB, AAA, AA and A ball.
  • Each batter now has walk-up music. Some of it is based on nationality! The Latin players all have Spanish music and the southern guys get Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. Some of the African-Americans get things like Tone Loc and 50 Cent. A little stereotypical? Yes. But fun. There must be thousands of these little 30-second clips for walk-up at bats.
  • Each stadium is represented accurately for 2007, real ads and all, as well as the schedules.
  • And of course, all of the 06 enhancements remain – brand-name gloves, bats, shoes, batting gloves, goggles, etc. Most uniforms in a team’s history are also available for your choosing each game. Sweet.

Usually I play real rosters, but this year I did a draft and am playing as the San Francisco Giants. I have the least amount of home runs in MLB, but the most hits and steals. I got off to a very tough start but am now 51-44 and in the wild card race, thanks to my trading Carlos Zambrano (1-7, 12.60 ERA) to Milwaukee for Johan Santana, who has gone 10-1 with a sub-4 ERA since I acquired him. The worst team in the league? The Boston Red Sox.

The picture (large one here) is Justin Morneau hitting a two-run shot at Wrigley field.

My sense is that this is the last season I’ll be doing this, with doubles on the way. And I don’t mean baseball doubles.