has released a poll determining what the best and worst cities are for being single. I don’t really care too much, myself, but the bottom 5 are always fun to see. So, without further ado, here are the worst five cities to be single in:

36. Kansas City, MO
37. Cleveland, OH
38. Greensboro, NC
39. Cincinnati, OH
40. Pittsburgh, PA.

So, Pittsburgh is the worst place to be single. Whatever. What I enjoy is that the two largest cities in Ohio are both on the list. Yikes. One other comment, though: how does Forbes magazine come up with such a list? Are they an authority on dating now? Shouldn’t they leave that kind of stuff to Cosmo? The number one city was Austin, TX, by the way.

I do enjoy the fish-eye pictures. Check out this pic from last night’s Stanley Cup finals, which have been about as fun to watch as, uh……dating in Pittsburgh?

Neat, huh? I love how that one dude is just celebrating right in the goaltender’s face. What has happened to hockey? It used to be that I simply would never miss an NHL playoff game, no matter who was playing. Now I can barely get through a period of hockey on TV these days out of boredom. Too many teams, too little talent. I suppose you could argue the same about baseball, but it’s been an interesting shift for me over the last 10 years – now I can watch any baseball game on TV, whereas before I used to be bored stiff by it. The only way to really appreciate hockey is to see it live. It just doesn’t work on TV and that’s the reason why it will never rise to the popularity levels of football or baseball. I guarantee you that if you brought anyone to a live, pro hockey game they would change their minds about it.

Finally, I’ve been rendered blogless by by this little ditty.

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