My air of confidence in regards to changing light fixtures came to a crashing halt this weekend when, feeling cocky, I decided to try to replace/install the light in our new hallway, which is on a three-way switch. A three-way switch is when there’s two switches. Go figure. I should have known not to mess with it. Anyway, it didn’t appear complicated until I found an extra red wire hanging down from the outlet box and I didn’t know what to do with it. So I did what any clueless homeowner would do – I tried all the options. First I connected it to the black wire (hot). I thought I was successful, because the light came on. Any hope was dashed however, when the light wouldn’t turn off. So I took the red wire out and just capped it. No luck. No on or off. The only other option was to connect it to the white wire (neutral). All that did was trip the breaker. So what’s left, you ask: a half-hanging light with one red wire sticking out of it. Time to call the electrician!

I had an interesting dream this weekend: it was the present (2008) and myself and some high school friends went to see Jimi Hendrix perform live in some weird venue. He was performing in a school-like hallway somewhere that had balcony seating above it. Hendrix looked his age when he died in the early ’70s, but it was 2008. He also came up into the crowd during one song and gave out candy bars to everyone. The only other thing I can remember about the dream was that I was in a diner somewhere before the show and I had a raspberry Slush Puppie that turned my mouth blue. That’s some kind of reference to my youth hockey days, when I used to get Slush Puppie’s after practice or games in Northborough, MA.

Last night I made a Chicken Parmesan, complete with homemade tomato sauce and all. It came out great and it was quite easy. The crust was 2 slices of wheat bread, crumbled in the blender. You combine that with a little oil and parmesan cheese and toast it in a skillet. Coat one side of the chicken with a very small amount of mayo and dip that side into the crumbs, then put it in the oven for about 8 minutes. After 8 minutes, add some of your sauce and some mozzerella cheese on top of the chicken and cook until the chicken is done. Next, and most importantly, enjoy.

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