A couple of news commentaries:

He’s in the news again. When is Rodney King going to go away? Ever since the Los Angeles riots in 1992, it seems like we celebrate another Rodney King arrest or accident every year. Maybe this guy actually deserved a beating! Not by Los Angeles police officers, though, who were (are?) on equal footing with King on the moron scale. Just to be 100% crystal clear, color of skin means nothing to me in this statement, or any statement, for that matter.

The quote in the third paragraph of this news story really made me laugh. So, if they make murder legal, I wonder what he’d say?

Finally, since the U.S. is not exactly a soccer (football) powerhouse yet, does this mean that we have the unhealthiest hearts in the world? Furthermore, if this applies to ice hockey does Japan have the worst health in the world? I bet it works in reverse for some things, too: any country that has the WNBA probably has a higher death rate due to boredom.