The lack of sleep, of course, was expected. We’re probably getting 3-4 hours per night, maybe 5 and none of it is continuous. And yes, it’s all worth it. What I didn’t expect were the weird dreams that come with lack of sleep. For example, there was the dream I had about the brother of a friend of mine. I’ve never in my life met the brother. In this dream, I am good friends with Jennifer Aniston. We share secrets. We talk a lot. We get together for dinners and chat. She tells me that she just hooked up with a college freshman and when I ask his name, it’s my friend’s brother. That’s all.

Then there’s the dream where I’m walking down a dark road at night, but it’s sort of like walking the hallway in school days. People occasionally pass by and I say hello. Suddenly, a group of doctors rushes by me with someone on a stretcher and it’s a boss of mine from ’95-98. I’m then told to go to the bar he owns in Detroit (he doesn’t own a bar in Detroit in real life). When I get there, I find myself in a spitting contest. Not spitting length, spitting accuracy – it’s a lot like basketball. We’re just trying to hit targets. My old boss has some kind of stroke, the medical definition is one I’ve never heard of.

Here’s the funniest one and I’m still not entirely sure if it was a dream or reality, as this was during the first two nights at home with the babies, when we were getting about an hour’s worth of sleep each night. I woke up in the bed and I looked at a pillow on the floor and it was breathing. Just pulsating back and forth, taking breaths. I thought “that’s odd” and when I looked around the room, everything was breathing. The bed, the dressers, the walls……everything.

I got laughed at for that one…..