So, the new Built to Spill album is out and this weekend they arrive into Boston for three shows at a pretty small venue – The Middle East over in Cambridge. If I was living in a different time (like, ten years ago), I’d have tickets to all three shows. But as it stands, I am not physically capable anymore of attending rock shows on three straight evenings. So I have tickets for Saturday’s show. It doesn’t even matter which night you go – you’re getting a killer show regardless. I am so very excited for this show! So I’m still digesting the new album. Upon my first few listens, it’s your standard Built to Spill – slightly noodling, borderline spacey, terrific indie rock. For some reason, it feels to me like Built to Spill are the ultimate “autumn” band. I can’t really explain that other than to post a song sample. There’s just something about their music that makes me want to crack the window about an inch at nighttime and sit by it, feel the slight autumn breeze and ingest a quality beer. Check out “Things Fall Apart,” my early favorite: