I have so many topics I want to write about now that this site is re-kindled. And while I promise there won’t be much more political talk here because I find it all so exhausting, I do have another thing to express about how it feels like politics operates today.

Here’s my summary: It’s all so dumb. Summary complete.

I just want stop there, but if I did, then it’s just a lazy social media post. So off we go…

Let’s admit one thing – media entities with the largest readership and viewership tend to lean left, some harder left than others. To find out which media companies tend to favor, there are some good sources you can look at, one of which is AllSides. This morning I did a Google search of media outlets which reach the most people in the USA and then I input those into AllSides and here’s what it came back with:


  • The Wall Street Journal (leans toward center)
  • The New York Times (leans left)
  • USA Today (leans left)
  • The Washington Post (leans left)
  • Los Angeles Times (leans left)
  • New York Post (leans right)
  • Tampa Bay Times (leans toward center)
  • Chicago Tribune (leans toward center)


  • CBS (leans left)
  • NBC (leans left)
  • ABC (leans left)
  • Fox News (leans right)
  • MSNBC (leans left)
  • CNN (leans left)

We often hear the more conservative right talking about unfair treatment from the press and they kinda do have a point, given that the media companies with the most readership/viewership do tend to lean left. And the only high-circulation newspaper in the top 8 can barely be called a newspaper.

I’m not here to comment on whether or not I think that’s fair, but I do find it mighty interesting that our last election was pretty evenly split. It shows, perhaps, that those media outlets above just don’t carry the weight that they used to. Hell, that’s an easy argument to make, actually, and supports my prior notion that social media is also playing a role by sucking you into the magic algo-spiral where you only see the content from the perspective that you support (which takes you further and further down the toilet).

But it does make me wonder why 2+ years later, there’s still SO much coverage of election deniers when back in 2016…..well….I’ll be quiet and just beg you at this point to watch this video about the 2016 election:

I do realize the one big wild card here is that nobody stormed the capital on January 6th after the 2016 election, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that both parties are just full of it.

It’s fair until it’s NOT fair. It’s not deplorable until *those people* do it. Give me a break.

It’s fair until it’s NOT fair. It’s not deplorable until *those people* do it. Give me a break.

One more thing – I’m pretty entrenched as someone who leans left, but very close to the center. As I mentioned in my prior post and above, the whole thing just exhausts me to no end and I’ve really had enough of both parties and their constant blathering, finger-pointing and moral superiority. Take all that energy and, um, just do your job maybe?