The Boston Globe has recently begun running a long series on the life of Senator John Kerry, who is running for President of our United States. I’ve said here before that so far I support Howard Dean, not necessarily because of all his viewpoints, but because he seems like he’d lie the least. This is important. Anyway, the first two installments of the Kerry mini-biography running in the Globe has been great reading. Part one details his family and almost nomadic upbringing, while Part two is a specific and pretty fascinating look into his combat career in Vietnam. My initial take on Kerry is that he wobbles on issues. He’s more of a political talking head in that he doesn’t seem to really speak his thoughts, he seems to say whatever he thinks will get him elected. The Vietnam story seems to draw slight parallels to my conclusions. I don’t dislike Kerry by any stretch, though. I’m already more interested in this election that I have been for any others, and I think it’s because of our current president. He and his administration just seem corrupt and wrong on nearly every issue I’ve come across. They have enviromental plans that benefit us in the next two years, but nothing on the table for 20 years from now. Their old cronies are getting all kinds of backroom deals to rebuild countries. It’s really getting sickening.