Jeff – Master Golfer
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I haven’t bought a new video game for the PC for quite a while now, so a few days ago, I went out and bought the EA Sports Tiger Woods golf game. I’m getting better at it, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they have a entire part of the game where you physically can build your own golfer. The options are endless. You can build a tatooed fat guy with a mohawk. You can build a 5’1 skinny nerd with nose, chin and ear piercings. You can build anything, really. Fat legs, skinny torso? Yep. Enormous head, tiny body? Sure. Whatever.

Being a guy who has largely written about himself for almost five straight years now on a blog, I naturally tried to build a golfer who looks exactly like me. So tonight’s post is for all of you who know me and see me regularly – what do you think? I think I’m pretty darn close.

As far as actually playing golf, computer Jeff is WAY better than real Jeff, this I can assure you.