Automatically Throwing Money

I’ve always been curious about people’s ATM habits. When I was in college (90-94), I had the option to take $5 out of the ATM. I miss those days. Then they had minimums of $10, which I hated, because it meant I could impulsively go get $10 out of the bank and go buy a CD. This meant I’d probably have to skip a lunch or a dinner and beg a roommate to share food or whatever. That problem was easily solved, though: I had two jobs in college, one was at the local supermarket and the other was at the Kent Student Center – both offered plenty of, uh, secret eating opportunities. 

Anyway, I don’t remember when it became the de facto minimum of $20 at the ATM. As I’ve gotten older and advanced in the workplace, it became less of an issue, but sometimes I wish I still had the option to take less than $20, at least. Because it seems the more I take out, the quicker it exits my wallet. 

The amount I take out most often now is $60. What is your “go-to” amount when you take money out at the ATM? 


2 thoughts on “Automatically Throwing Money”

  1. My default number is $100 – along with the fantasy that it will last me a month. Needless to say, I practice this fantasy a couple times a month…… But the real question is – what is the ATM withdrawal expected to cover?

  2. A quick scan of um, Quicken YTD indicates $40 (14) as the “go to” amount, but $60 (6), $100 (6) and even $200 (4) appear with frightening regularity. My total is $2,740. Is that bad?

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