Oh, Boston Globe, why must you make my life so much easier when it comes to idea generation for my blog? Today’s gaffe, probably one of the worst of all time, comes on pages 3 and 5 of the Sports section, where they’ve run the exact same article twice about Mark Bellhorn possibly signing with the Yankees. The only difference in the two articles is that one of them has a photo. How is it even possible to miss this in the copy editing room?

Yesterday’s Globe contained no obvious mistakes as such, but I did manage to get a chuckle out of something. I was paging through the new daily Globe insert called “Sidekick,” when I came across a page of reader-submitted celebrity lookalike photos. After realizing that none of them really looked that much like the celebrity, I began wondering to myself who exactly sends these photos in?

As I look closer, only one struck my eye – it seemed that some woman sent in a photo of herself and said she looked like Jennifer Aniston. She didn’t. Not even close, really. Who says to themself “whoa! I look like Jennifer Aniston! I’m going to send my picture to the Boston Globe immeadiately!” How vain is that?!?! Uh, come to think of it, how vain is four years of writing a blog about yourself? Yeah, I’ll shut up now.

Anyway, all the other photos were submitted by friends or family, thankfully. I should also point out that the entire Sidekick section is really horrific. I know, I know, the economics of the newspaper business call for the dumbing down of the daily scribes, but they didn’t need this. It’s mildly insulting. Maybe I’ll switch to the Times.

Stupid criminal alert! Click that link. I love this story. What’s the thought process here? Not only do you have one stupid criminal, you actually have another one who a) didn’t notice they were putting the wrong type gas in and then b) both decide that the only logical way to figure it out is with a lighter? Classic.

In other news, let’s hope the town sends his parents a plaque of some sort for this.