According to this test I took recently, I am 26% gay. My results indicate that I am 13% less gay than the average male. I have no idea what this means, I simply saw the test while browsing my friend Tony’s website the other day, so I took it. For the record, he was 29% gay. Take the test – it’s slightly ridiculous, but fun. Post your results in the comments section if you’d like.

The fourth season of The Sopranos on DVD has finally been released and I’ve been watching them, as usual, with great regularity and admiration. This particular season has been unlike the three previous seasons – there’s more subtlely and more hushed undertones. It seems the writers and directors are trying to say more by saying less. There’s more periods of…..quiet. I’m probably about halfway through the season now and very much looking forward to where it all ends up.

Finally, after many many long years, my television is on the long, steep descent downward. Text on the screen is getting hard to read and it appears as if one the color guns is about to go. It’s still watchable, but not for long. This means I have begun what can only be anticipated as a long period of research, reading and learning how the different kinds of televisions work (DLP, Plasma, LCD, Tube, etc) and in-store demos. I really get into this stuff. When making a large purchase, I just love doing the research and arriving at what I feel is the very best possible decision. I’ve been known to be frugal, and I probably am, but I think nothing of the amount of money I am spending, provided it’s for a quality product. Of course, I have a budget in mind, though, I wouldn’t drop $5 or $10K on a TV. That’s just silly. Anyway, this is gonna be fun. The first thing I have learned is that Plasma & LCD TV’s almost always have less to offer in picture quality than the standard tube TV. That was a bit surprising. I certain;y won’t buy one of those projection TV’s, either – I can’t stand the fact that if you move 1 foot to the left or to the right, the TV goes gray/dark and you can’t really see it. You have to be sitting directly in front of it. That ain’t cool.

Saw The Thorns last night at The Paradise in Boston – those guys are truly a great live band.

Song now playing: The Beatles – “Glass Onion”