Drug Rug

Drug Rug

I just realized that it’s been a long time since I posted any music here on the blog. For those of you that like the songs I post here, sorry for the delay. 2009 has actually been a stellar year for new bands and new releases so far. One that I keep going back to is Boston’s own Drug Rug. I don’t know what kind of recognition they’re generating outside of Boston, but I hooked onto them after their first release a couple of years ago and was excited to read in the Boston Globe last month that they had a new album, called “Paint the Fence Invisible.” I got it the day it came out and was so happy to hear that it’s twice as better as their first album!

Drug Rug is a four-piece (sometimes five) that is led by their two lead singers – I don’t even know their names, but that’s them in the picture (cool ‘stache, dude). I know this – they are a couple and they make bubbly pop/phych songs that work in any environment and are – get this – cute. There, I said it. Cute songs! I’ve even caught my kids bobbing up and down in the backseat of the car once as their music played. And don’t worry folks, I do play plenty of children’s music for the boys. In fact, I’d say the breakdown is 90% children’s music. But every now and then I like to sneak in a little indie rock or The Band or Neil Young. So far so good.

Anyway, explaining Drug Rug is a little difficult. I’ve never been really good at explaining how bands sound, I just know what I like when I hear it. How about this – they sound like the Captain and Tenielle on acid. How’s that?

Here’s a song called “Never Tell” from their new album. Enjoy!