Move That Branch!

Back in August, you might remember that I wrote about the show Extreme Home Makeover coming to our hometown of Maynard to do some pre-screening for a family that, at the time, lived about a mile away from us. I had sort of filed in the deep recesses of my mind that they might be back at some time, but life always seems to get in the way of such things. I had kind of forgotten about it until last week when one of the production crew knocked on our door and told us to prepare for bedlam in the neighborhood because the house three doors down from us was the family whose house is being knocked down and rebuilt! Wow! I didn’t know it was on our street, much less three doors down. I even met the woman who lives here one morning when I was outside clearing snow! I didn’t even know it.

So this morning around 8am, Ty Pennington’s Bus barreled down Elm Ct and stopped in front of the house and the family ran outside in a gently falling snow, psyched beyond belief that they had been chosen. They are well deserving. Their story is in my post from August, which I linked to above. And now, starting today and culminating next Friday, they will tear down the house and build a new one so their dad and husband can come home after a year-and-a-half. How about that! We have one hell of a view from our upstairs window – it’s clear as day and very close to us, there’s a small branch obscuring one small corner of the house, but that’s it!

I’ll post pictures here and on Flickr from time-to-time as things progress.