You might have noticed that I don’t have my email address on the site anymore. Well, it’ll probably stay that way. If you want to contact me, most of you know my email address. But if you don’t know my email address, just ask every possible spam company out there, because they sure have it. I was getting around 50-75 spam emails per day because I had the email address published on this site, and they go out, crawl the web, and get email addresses. No more of that crap, I say. Now I have a new, secret email address. Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, spammers. Maybe I’ll have a comments page or something.

Steven Wright is really one of the funniest comedians out there. You should read the interview with him. Do it. Now.

It is almost baseball season, which means a few things: a) another season of hope and probable heartbreak for this beloved Boston Red Sox fan…….b) another season of High Heat 2004, the greatest baseball video game ever made……..and c) another fruitless attempt to get Stephanie to like baseball.

American Idol update: I’ve got $5 dollars on Frenchie to win the whole thing, and she made it to the final 32 last night. That girl can flat-out sing. I am worried now, though, because now it’s up to the voting public, and Frenchie isn’t exactly what one would describe as haivng the physical features of a pop star. But dammit, her voice is way better than anyone’s. If anyone in the record biz has any sense, they’ve already signed her up, whether she won it or not.

Finally, what a total dork.