You can file this one under “you’ve gotta be kidding me.”

Anyone watch the Cubs last night? Holy crow. All this hulla-balloo about a fan interfering and causing the meltdown has got to stop. Even Stephanie, a baseball novice at best, said that the action of one fan during one play doesn’t lead to an 8-run meltdown. If you want to blame anyone, blame Alex Gonzalez, who flubbed a relatively routine groundball to load the bases. Blame Dusty Baker, for a) leaving Prior in the game too long and b) bringing in Kyle Farnsworth to intentionally walk 2 of the next 3 batters. Blame the Cubs pitchers for making bad throws. Did “the fan” contribute to the collapse? Yes. But the Cubs themsleves lost the game. Tonight will be one for the ages.

The first movie we saw in the Maynard Fine Arts theatre since moving here was Under The Tuscan Sun and it was, at best, underwhelming. Spiced up only by some stock shots of Tuscany and surrounding areas of Italy, the story itself was weak, the plot nearly non-existent, and the highlight was a crew of construction workers who barely spoke a line. Certainly not the worst movie I’ve seen (can you say “The Family Man,” Nicholas Cage?) but not worth a full-price ticket. Thankfully, the Maynard theatre doesn’t charge full price.

Song now playing: Guided By Voices – “Hot Freaks”