Yeah! That was taken Friday night at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City, which is a fine place to see a band. Sloan’s new record, called Action Pact, is out today in the U.S., although it’s been out since October in Canada, where they’re based. Tonight I’ll be seeing them again here in Boston.

Props to my co-workers in NYC who threw me a small birthday party last week. Here you see me sitting in front of an odd, but unbelieveably delicious, large cookie/cake combination. The concoction was whipped up by our favorite baker in NYC at Nana’s Cookies, which is right next door to our office on West 17th St. (b/t 5th and 6th). Anyway, yes, that is some sort of blue tinsel on my head and no, someone is not trying to kill me with a plastic knife from the right side. Yes, that is a beer on my desk and no, this wasn’t taken during work hours.

By the way, comments have been turned off. Blogger has recently done a pretty major overhaul and you can now use Blogger’s comments program (I was using an independent program before), so I set it all up, and of course it’s not working. Will try to get those going soon if I have time. I’ve also been thinking about porting over to Movable Type, but that’s a more large scale change that would require more hours and more swearing.

UPDATE: Comments are now working again, although it’s a little different now. Clicking on “comments” will take you to a page that is dedicated solely to that’s day particular content, at which point you are prompted again to click something to actually leave a comment. I’m not too crazy about this option, so this might change.

Interesting piece of information, parts taken from The Wall Street Journal recently:

“Blind studies show that users can’t distinguish between search results from Google, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, and Teoma. Yet when you put a logo on the page, users show a decided preference for Google…..that totally debunks the idea that Google’s search algorithms built on the professional-journal-references model is the key to its success. As The Wall Street Journal’s Lee Gomes put it: “Some say Google is the Rolls-Royce of search; maybe what it really is, is the Nike. Googlephiles may think they are exhibiting technical sophistication by their loyalty, but what they are really proving is the extent to which they have been conditioned to respond to logos and brands, just like street kids with their sneakers.”

Song now playing: The Thrills – “Don’t Steal Our Sun”