Goodness. Last night’s NLCS Game 7 was a doozy. I don’t need to go into details other than to say that Carlos Beltran must feel like total shit this morning. Granted, I’ve never been at the plate to see a major league curveball – and by golly, that was a MAJOR LEAGUE curveball Adam Wainwright threw – but in the bottom of the 9th inning with two strikes, two outs and the bases loaded, you gotta at least swing the bat! Don’t go down looking at strike three to end the season, man! So the weaker of the two teams makes the World Series. I’m still with the Tigers. Oh – and that catch by Endy Chavez in the 6th inning? You won’t find one better in any October.

I typically don’t wax about work in these parts, but I’m looking to hire someone to work under me (oh, lord) so I thought I’d put it here in case any readers know someone in the Bay Area or NYC who might fit the bill. You’d be working for, but with a focus on our portal business, an offering/mashup which includes many of the IAC businesses (our parent company) among many, many others. The position would be quite entrepreneurial, but I’ll let the job description do the talking, which is here. There you go.

Last ten:
James Gang – The Bomber (live in Cleveland, 8-16-06)
Racontuers – Call It A Day
Howlin Wolf – In The Groove
Neil Young – When God Made Me
Palace – The Mountain Low
Gomez – Make No Sound
Queen – All Dead, All Dead
Alison Krauss – Down To The River & Pray
R.E.M. – Perfect Circle
Richard Thompson – Two Left Feet

….and not that anyone cares, but if you want up to the minute info on what I’m listening to, my Last.FM page will show you. Neat service.