With baseball season just around the corner, I was really tickled to see that my favorite website, The Onion, ran this hilarious article. Great stuff, especially the part about giving Pedro 287 days rest.

Saw Monsters, Inc. a few nights ago – what a great movie. Every time I see previews for those animated movies, I think I won’t like them or they’re just for children. Well, they’re not. This was really a great movie. The little girl, Boo, really reminded me of my little niece Olivia, who I am sure is probably running around my sister’s house as we speak, terrorizing her poor mother one minute, then being ridiculously cute the next. It won’t be long before the terrorizing part goes away…….and then they become stories we’ll laugh about. But I’m proud of my sister – she’s a good mom and she likes Wilco. You don’t find that too often.