Inspired by a post on Ken Norton’s Blog, here are some things I would have written about had blogging been around in college (1989-1994):

– Rage Against The Machine is so overrated.
– Why I have to hear “Brown Eyed Girl” every time I go to a bar.
– Why only 800-1000 people show up to a Div. 1 hockey game at Kent.
– All the free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream I’m getting from working in the student center on the 10pm-3am shift.
– Saw Pearl Jam at Peabody’s Down Under with like 100 other people just before “Ten” broke huge. Incredibly intense show.
– Leaving the Helmet/Faith No More show without a shirt. In February.
– How my law teacher looks exactly like Seinfeld.
– The ubiquitous character called “Fuck You Bob.” He’s this guy with Tourette’s Syndrome who wanders around Kent, Ohio at all hours and no matter what you say to him (for instance, “Hello Bob”), his response was to show you his middle finger and shout “Fuck you!” very loud. I don’t make this stuff up. I never utter a word to him, but plenty of others do.
– Why can’t the Bruins ever beat the Penguins?
– How did I ever manage to get a luxury box with free beer & food for the U2 show at Cleveland? (first leg of the Achtung Baby tour)
– Working in a supermarket has its advantages. For instance, if anything is damaged, it could be eaten. There are lots of “accidents.”
– Why I always choose Ministry’s “Stigmata” on the jukebox at Ray’s Bar. Answer: the live version is about 15 minutes long.

Recent pod tracks:
Preston School of Industry – “The Furnace Sun”
Three Dog Night – “Shambala”
Bruce Springsteen – “Where The Bands Are”
Foo Fighters – “I’ll Stick Around”
The Clash – “Wrong ‘Em Boyo”
Apples In Stereo – “Tin Pan Alley”
G.L. Crockett – “Look Out Mabel” (from the fabulous Chess Recordings set)
Bare Jr. – “You Blew Me Off”
Screaming Trees – “All I Know”
Merle Haggard – “Workin’ Man Blues”
Vulgar Boatmen – “In A Minute”
Centro-Matic – “Calling Up The Bastards”