Gerald Ford fell down stairs. Jimmy Carter wore a sweater when addressing the nation. Read George Bush Sr’s lips. Bill Clinton points his crooked finger and denies extramarital activity. Dick Cheney & company, though, just make it too easy sometimes. There’s just too many possible jokes to tell about Cheney’s latest adventure yesterday in which he accidentally shot a friend of his while hunting. It certainly could have been much worse of course, but refer to your late night talk show tonight for the easiest of pot shots. My question, which really comes via my wife, is this: what would have happened if Cheney were hunting with Bush and he accidentally shot the president? Steph seems to think that the Secret Service would have shot Cheney on the spot as a reflexive action, per their job training. Interesting to think about.

UPDATE: I knew it wouldn’t take long

Oatmeal solution: I’ve found an interesting addition to my morning oatmeal recently: fresh figs. You can get them almost anywhere and I choose Calamyrna Figs from Trader Joe’s. Cut them up and throw them in there and you’ve got an even more fiberous breakfast. The figs certainly add a touch of sweetness to the whole thing. Combine those with a pinch or two of brown sugar and some flaxseed meal and you’ve got yourself a nuclear weapon of health for breakfast. At first Steph seemed slightly disturbed by the presence of fig in my oatmeal, but realized shortly thereafter (on her own) that it’s not much different than raisins.