So we’re driving in the car out to Western Massachusetts yesterday and just having normal husband-and-wife conversation. Talking about house projects, the kids, the upcoming week, etc, etc. The same conversation that trillions of other married couples are having each and every Sunday. Today I had almost forgotten it was Easter. That’s how much religion plays a role in my life. I’ve always said (and have probably said it here) that I admire and respect most deeply religious people – to be so devoted to something and so reliant on it for guidance and self-assuredness that it influences each and every day of your life, well, that must be comforting that deep inside, you have solace. I personally haven’t found anything in that realm worth latching onto like that. Maybe someday I will. Maybe I won’t. I’m not letting it consume me. As I read this, it sounds pessimistic, almost cynical, doesn’t it? But in a world where religion does a good amount of harm (more harm than good, depending on who you ask), I’m feeling like if I latch onto something, it’s not going to be straight-up-the-middle religion.

Anyway, I often times get confused about what all these holidays mean. Christmas is an easy one – but I freely admit I only know that one because of the Christmas carols I learned as a wee lad. But its days like Easter, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday that I have trouble with. There’s so many things that happened to Jesus that I get them all confused. So today in the car, I said “ok, Easter – this is when they had the big dinner where they painted Jesus and all those other dudes, right?” Stephanie just barely chuckled. She knows when I’m being sarcastic.

So I don’t know how the last supper figures into Easter or Christmas or whatever, but I thought it would be funny to say. It reminds me of a time a classmate and I were talking in high school. He was 100% sure (and totally serious) that the bible was written by a bunch of dudes on mushrooms or acid or whatever the equivalent of those recreational drugs were back then. I laughed, because it was an amusing thought, but I’ve remembered it over the years because that theory holds just as much weight as any other. I mean, stop and think about that for a second – it’s entirely possible and plausible! I still see this classmate nearly every week on the ice.

So check this out – I pulled this off of the BBC site after doing a search on the keyword “Easter:”

Easter Sunday is considered the most important Christian holiday. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death. It is popularly celebrated with egg hunting and toy bunny rabbits.”

Um, what? It makes you start considering my old classmates theory, doesn’t it? How did we get from point A to B on that one??? More searching on the internet provided this:

Traditions associated with the festival survive in the Easter rabbit, a symbol of fertility, and in colored easter eggs, originally painted with bright colors to represent the sunlight of spring, and used in Easter-egg rolling contests or given as gifts.

I still don’t see the connection. But hey, many millions do. I hope you enjoyed your holiday.