Matt Pond PA

My “music friends” undoubtedly know the feeling. You have thousands of songs in your ITunes library (I currently have 8,405) and sometimes for days or even weeks on end, you hate all of it. Right? I am feeling this right now. No matter what comes on my IPod while it’s on Shuffle, it’s not what I want. I’m not in the mood for it. That one is too slow. This one is too loud. The only thing I want to hear right now is Matt Pond PA. That’s right, out of the 8400 songs I have, I only want to hear 46 of them and all of them are by Matt Pond PA.

Yes, it’s a slightly unfortunate band name, but not as bad as Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s (who you also ought to hear). Right now, Matt Pond PA is IT for me. The only way I can describe them is to use the word organic. There’s something magical about the way they craft songs. Beautiful strings drift in and out (Frankie P, you’ll love this, I think). There’s a melancholy, but their music doesn’t depress me one bit. The voice – it’s unique, which always gets me. Unqiue voices. Talent. Organic. Real.

So listen and tell me it isn’t good.

The Hollows:


Measure 3: