Well, we all know that Roy (of Siegfried & Roy) is laid up for a while. Because of that, there will be no shows in Las Vegas for the foreseeable future, which is a shame. Not only has there been an awful attack on one of our country’s most beloved pop culture figures, but 300 some-odd people are now out of a job – those were the people who made the show run. Feeling quite bad about this, I had to volunteer my services so these people could put food on the table, right? Someone’s gotta do it. So starting at The Mirage in Las Vegas next Monday night, I will temporarily be replacing Roy. That’s right – Copetas & Siegfried. Notice whose name is first now, yo. Thasss right……anyway, come on out to the show! See me shit my pants as I attempt to tame 42 drooling, miserable white tigers at the same time. It will be so fun……..