Well, it’s yet another snowstorm here in Massachusetts today. Remind me again why people live here?

Couple of items today:

1) I was looking back through my archives and I clicked on a few links and remembered about a year and a half ago I directed you to click on the “The Best Page In The World.” Well, that site remains up and it’s still incredibly funny. One of the more recent entries is brilliant mix of writing and comics. Great stuff.

2) I’ve recently begun playing ice hockey again – it had been five years since I played previously. Playing hockey used to be my passion. It’s a long story why I stopped for so long, so let’s leave that for another time. Anyway, the first couple of weeks back on the ice were very tough – getting back into playing shape is not easy. I still feel like I need a couple of more weeks to get back to true form, but there are two things that stand out – the human body at 27 and the human body at 32 are two very different stages – the following day after playing hockey, you feel it more at 32. Believe me. The second thing is my vision – I wear glasses all day every day, but I can’t wear them on the ice because they would slip off and probably fog up anyway. So I go without them, and you know what? I can’t see a god damn thing out there. I could see without the glasses much better at 27. Now I can’t see shit. So I am going out and getting prescription sport goggles! That is right, yo! I flat-out refuse to get contact lenses because I simply will not stick shit into my eyeballs. I just won’t do it. My only other option is to get goggles and I cannot wait. I am gonna look so kick-ass! I’ll post pictures here when I get them.

Have a nice weekend.

Song now playing: The Olivia Tremor Control – “Jumping Fences”