Well, it was a weekend of firsts, of discoveries and of re-discoveries. Won’t you join me for an edition of a very special RustedRobot?

Firsts – I used my first power tool on Saturday – an electric sander for two bedrooms we’re re-doing. It totally kicked ass. I know, it’s somewhat ridiculous that I am 32 years old and have never used a power tool. It’s sort of inexcusable, really, but I’d readily admit that prior to this weekend, my interest and effectiveness in power tools and fixing stuff was as reliable as that dude from Stone Temple Pilots staying sober. So yeah, this weekend was chock-full of such exciting events(and please note intense sarcasm here) as stripping wallpaper, sanding, scraping wallpaper glue off walls, moving stuff, washing walls and then using “sheet rock compound.” This occured approximately 42 hours per day. I am dog tired but the rumor I am hearing is that I will truly appreciate the results when I see the finished products. At this point, I think I might prefer to be struck repeatedly in the elbow with a heavy metal shovel.

Discoveries – I am not a vegetarian, but Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs kick total ass. The dude at the store promised me I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between real meatballs and this product, a soy substitute. He was right on. You just drop these frozen meatballs into some sauce and let ‘er simmer for about 10 minutes, and voila! Meatless meatballs that taste like meat. Beautiful! Having them for lunch as I type this.

Re-discoveries – Oh, the pain. I pulled out Richard and Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out The Lights yesterday while cooking the aforementioned meatless meatballs, and all was well. This was the Thompson’s last album together, and it was a doozy. Recorded as their relationship and marriage fell completely apart, the songs are riddled with pain, bitterness and recorded with great, meticulous care. “Man In Need” and “Walking On A Wire” are about as close to perfection as two songs can get. Don’t even think about forgetting “Back Street Slide,” either – where the male Thompson publically ponders the, uh, vows of marriage……..as usual, other people’s pain makes tremendous music.

Song now playing: Faith No More – “A Small Victory”